5 Quick Steps to Get Your Mojo Back

Did you know most of the world suffers from negative mental habits? Read more to discover some simple steps to change that.

Do you fall into this category? Maybe you make yourself feel worse by calling yourself stupid when you forget to do something or you do it “the wrong way.” Maybe you’re prone to worrying, forever resisting things you wish hadn’t happened or that might happen in the future.

Or one of the most popular: you compare yourself to others in terms of your success, your happiness, your age, your weight, your intelligence, your popularity.

We’ve all been taught to believe that if we just spend more time going over what’s already happened that we can prevent it from happening again. Or that if we take the measure of ourselves, we can somehow “improve” it so that our comparisons are more in our favor? If you’ve noticed, that doesn’t work so well.

We’ve got enough criticism and condemnation going on in the world today so let’s agree to stop constantly measuring ourselves against other people or standards that really have nothing to do with us, or that we don’t even want for ourselves.

Why berate yourself, for even the smallest things, if it’s going to have a destructive effect on how it feels to be you? I’ve got a better idea: let’s try something new: Five simple, quick and effective ways that you can reverse that old habit of criticism and worry and replace it with inviting support and positive energy into our way of being in the world.

First: When you’re being hard on yourself, recognize it and call it for what it is. This is a critically important step in breaking the cycle.

Second: Take an inner stop. Really — it only takes a few seconds. Then let yourself take a breath that goes all the way down to the belly and out again.

Third: Take the negativity thought test. Are you tuned in to the Negativity Channel? Aha! Busted! Take another breath and in your imagination, allow them all to dissolve, like sugar in your cup of coffee.

Fourth: Notice if and where there’s tension or tightness in the body where this contracted energy is being felt. Use your imagination again to envision that tension leaving your body and turning into smoke or ice vapors as you breathe it out of your body.

Fifth: Take another nice, deep breath and on the exhale, once again imagine yourself breathing out any remaining tension or negative thoughts and picture them being magically carried away to the ends of the Universe. Then, as you breathe in, envision support, encouragement and inspiration filling up every cell of your body and revitalizing you to go out and do what needs to be done.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now you’re ready to go out and continue to be a force for good in the world!​

Nina Lockwood is a Conscious Living coach, writer, artist and creator of Redesign Your Life: an Invitation to Live from Your True Nature and Be Free. Visit her at ninalockwood.com, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (@ninalockwood.nilo).



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Nina Lockwood

Nina Lockwood


Coach/writer/artist. I help others find peace of mind, fulfillment, spiritual understanding and how to live consciously.