5 Useful Ways to Find Clarity Despite Turmoil and Uncertainty

When your outer world (and then your inner world) is thrown into disarray, turn your attention inward to find clarity and direction that’s been obscured by all the commotion, both inward and outward.

It’s nothing new to acknowledge that world events, politics, climate change and natural disasters continue to send shock waves through our lives.

And if you’re already going through a personal transition that’s rocking your proverbial boat, you might feel you should batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass.

But is that really the best choice? Wouldn’t you rather be grounded and centered, flexible and able to respond capably when the next challenge arrives (as it will)?

There’s an innate intelligence that is a quality of your essential nature, although for most of us it’s obscured beneath all the techniques and strategies we’ve acquired. It’s of a higher order than logic or analysis.

We often automatically draw from that internal source in moments where we don’t have time to think. Some call it gut instinct, an inner compass or simply a feeling that lets you know your next step.

That intelligence is naturally grounded and untouched by whatever experiences we’re having. Here there is peace, quiet and clarity, an intelligence that knows the way. This is where your intuition, your inner knowing resides.

When you allow yourself to drop back into yourself and even for a moment make space for the answers that are already within you, you’ll find you can use the energy of the moment rather than rely on over analysis or struggling to find solutions that may have worked in the past.

Those solutions that worked in the past very likely are no longer relevant to what’s happening now, in this moment.

To cut through the noise and sense of overwhelm, here are five of the best ways I’ve found to transform hesitation or uncertainly into inspired action:

1) Turn Down the Volume

We’re constantly being bombarded by “expert” opinions about what we should believe and what we should do, to the extent that it becomes almost impossible to tune into our own wisdom. So, even for just a short while, step away from all the electronic devices with their endless media feeds so you can discern to what’s really true for you.

2) Practice Self Compassion

Upheaval and change, whether gradual or abrupt, is painful. And that pain is not something you should sweep under the rug. It will still continue to trip you up until you acknowledge it. To name it is to bring it into the light, where it can be met with compassion and support.

3) Nurture Your Body

Being in a physical body takes a lot of energy. Think of all those fight or flight chemicals flooding your body when you’re stressed. Make it a priority to take care of it — with nourishing food, rest, massage, exercise, meditation, soothing music or whatever else replenishes you.

4) Light Your Way

Set an intention for how you want to show up in the world. You may not know what you want do or how to do it, but if you know the kind of person you want to be, especially during difficult times, the how and the why will come to you.

5) Let Go of Expectations

It’s natural to feel disappointed or at a loss when things don’t match up or even contradict what we expect or want. But, often, what appears to be a tragedy at the outset turns out to a blessing in disguise. Instead of insisting on a specific outcome, let go of what you assume is the right course of action, as best you can, so that a greater good can unfold and you can play your part in it.

Contrary to what you might think, the energy of adversity can be harnessed so that it becomes your ally for personal growth, resilience and lasting happiness. If you look back on your life, you’ll probably be able to find moments when that was true for you.

And it can be true for you again.

Nina Lockwood is a Conscious Living coach, writer, artist and creator of Redesign Your Life: an Invitation to Live from Your True Nature and Be Free. Visit her at ninalockwood.com, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (@ninalockwood.nilo).



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Nina Lockwood

Nina Lockwood


Coach/writer/artist. I help others find peace of mind, fulfillment, spiritual understanding and how to live consciously.