5 Ways to Stay Strong During Change and Upheaval

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

Any kind of upheaval can push us to find a new — or safer- direction.

But sorting through contradictory information can make the process of recognizing which road to take quite a challenge.

If we ignore the psychology that’s driving us, we remain at the mercy of external circumstances with limited understanding of how and why we make the decisions we do.

My own experience has been that the more self awareness I have, the more I can recognize new opportunities. When that happens, I can make intelligent decisions and become part of the overall solution rather than part of the problem.

It seems supremely important to recognize what really matters to us, not only as individuals but collectively as human beings. Knowing what really matters can help us create a blueprint for finding solutions.

We all have within us an intelligence that transcends the analytical function of the mind because that intelligence is deeper and wider than our logical minds.



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Nina Lockwood

Nina Lockwood


Coach/writer/artist. I help others find peace of mind, fulfillment, spiritual understanding and how to live consciously.