Multipotentialites Don’t Worry about Purpose!

I recently listened to a podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert and Oprah and had a major “aha” moment. Liz Gilbert was talking about being one of the Passion Police and realized that her approach needed revising.

Have you been beating yourself up for not knowing your purpose? Your mission in life?

Or maybe you think there’s something wrong with you if you don’t have a vision because everyone says you should have one.

Maybe you think you’re too old or too tired or too something.

Passion, purpose, vision… these words are overused and so loaded that they can end up being intimidating. They’ve been pushed on us, mostly with good intentions by those who have clarity about their own, but…

the demand to find your purpose or passion or vision can put enormous pressure on you.

Nailing your purpose, passion and vision is supposed to guarantee you have a wonderful life, but that may not be entirely true.

You are not less of a person if you have no idea yet what you want to do with your life.

Your worth is not dependent on your accomplishments or what you acquire, but simply because you are already an expression of the infinite, conscious potential of the Universe.

And as such, you might just want to know about two of my favorite words are multipotentialite and coddiwomple. And if the shoe fits, as they say — go for it!

A multipotentialite is someone who has many interests and many talents, some already in existence and some yet to be discovered. I think everyone fits in this category but sadly, we don’t allow ourselves to claim it. So it’s fair to say everyone has the invitation to explore their multipotentiality!

Coddiwomple means to travel confidently towards an unknown destination.

Multipotentialites coddiwomple!

In a world where we’re expected to be experts in a single field — to drill down — we’ve been discouraged from just following our noses, from exploring, from being curious, from experimenting — and enjoying ourselves.

There is no single way to live life!

If you don’t have a clue about who you are now and what you really want, allowing yourself to coddiwomple, to be curious, to follow your impulses can be every bit as rewarding — if not moreso — as being able to claim a passion or purpose.

In fact, coddiwompling can be your reason for living!

When it comes right down to it, what we all really want is to be happy and to feel a sense of connection and fulfillment.

You can’t be happy if you’re pressuring yourself to do be or have something.

But you can be happy if you allow yourself the freedom to explore and investigate — without an agenda or a specific outcome.

Because the process of exploration can lead you to — dare I say it - what you love to do. Call it anything you want, as long as it brings you joy.

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Nina Lockwood

Nina Lockwood


Coach/writer/artist. I help others find peace of mind, fulfillment, spiritual understanding and how to live consciously.