Why You Aren’t Always Your Own Best Friend

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Whenever we’re faced with a decision for which we don’t yet know the answer, it’s normal to look to other sources for advice. But that comes at the expense of invalidating our own truth and way of being in the world.

What’s the solution?

  1. Decision making becomes ever so much easier.

We don’t perform at our best when it’s not something we can put our hearts and minds to.

It becomes even more poignant by the time we arrive at the end of our careers or retire and all the years of disillusionment and despair prompt us to ask, is this really all there is?

  1. Make sure what you do resonates with your truth. Whatever advice you’re given, take the time to ask yourself if it resonates with you. Do you really need to do something that doesn’t feel like a fit just to “get ahead”?
  2. Pay more to attention what’s really important to you. Cut back on social media or zoning out on Netflix. Those activities, although satisfying on some level, may be taking you further from your priorities. And the clock is ticking.
  3. Don’t try to fit in because you need approval. Your own approval of yourself is more important than anyone else’s. If you don’t feel a connection with who or what you’re doing, it will be obvious. It’s all in the vibe.
  4. Trust your inner GPS. There may be a learning curve with this, as with all new behaviors we cultivate. And yet, access to this kind of unbiased awareness is critical to enabling you to express yourself authentically and in alginment.
  5. Share your time with people who know and love you. More than the approval of the world, you need the companionship and support of those who understand your need to be true to yourself.



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Nina Lockwood

Nina Lockwood


Coach/writer/artist. I help others find peace of mind, fulfillment, spiritual understanding and how to live consciously.